Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jake B - A Taste of Things to Come

When things look bleak, Jake, close your eyes and visualise your own billboard:

It will:
  • herald you triumphantly as "Yakov: Famous Russian Comedian"
  • earn you the endorsement of three consecutive Republican Presidents
  • give you opportunities to back away politely as elderly male midwesterners reach for your genitals (below).
Check out Yakov 1.0 for more inspiration. You just have to work hard enough and have the correct economic and social values.


Savs said...

Some quotes from the online description of Yakov's show which avail themselves to humour when approached with ironic distance:

"During the show Yakov invites everyone to celebrate the differences between the genders."

"Of all the shows I saw in Branson, I enjoyed yours the most."
-Pat Shiplov

"I just laugh and laugh, and your genuine patriotism truly leaves me in tears."
-Val LeMay

jake said...

"...which avail themselves to humour when approached with ironic distance"

If there is any other kind of distance, I don't want to hear about it.

Gareth said...

I'd like to hear his take on The Aristocrats.