Saturday, December 03, 2005

Entertainment - The Foxcast

In the course of my daily rummaging, I came across a little thing called the Foxcast: a podcast site for Fox's frontline shows. Initially, my excitement level was high, since AD, Family Guy and The Simpsons were present and had entries for all the recent episodes. Sadly, this excitement lasted only as long as it took for iTunes to download the casts. I had hoped for some behind-the-scenes, DVD-style commentary from Seth and Mitch and co, but Fox has really wasted the format, and all they have for AD and the Simpsons is some guy reading a very detailed synopsis. I guess they're saving the DVD-style commentary for the DVD, but it's still disappointing. There is a bit more love in the recent couple of Family Guy casts; the production staff and actors took over and did much longer (30 min) "shows", and there's a semi-decent Seth interview. While the quality varies (there's only so much enjoyment you can glean from prop artists trying to copy the "zany" humour), but perhaps there's goodness to be had somewhere in there.

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