Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top 5 - It was a very blah year...

Because we're men and we like to classify things logically, here are the Mew boys' Top 5s of 2k5:

Top Single: Babyshambles - 'Killamangiro'
Top Album: Ben Folds - Songs for Silverman
Top Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
Top Game: Half Life 2 (played with GTA:San
Top Comedy: Look Around You


Top Single: Smog - 'The Well' (Downloadable along with some
other good 'shit', here - (sorry man, it looks like the links on that site are broke :( - Ed)
Top Album: I'm forced to rely on memory here, but I cannot recall having bought a single 2005 album.
Top Movie: Me and You and Everyone We Know
Top Game: Same as for the albums, I'm afraid, though the
Half-life 2 demo was good.
Top Comedy: Robot Chicken

Jake - [Somewhat more maudlin picks from me...]

Top Single: Radiohead - 'I Want None Of This'
Top Album: Beck - Guero
Top Movie: Broken Flowers
Top Game: Half Life 2 (original soundtrack)
Top Comedy: Arrested Development

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