Thursday, December 29, 2005

Words and Men - The Rip Torn Thing.

Since, for me, Christmas 2005 will be remembered as the Christmas when I watched 3 or 4 episodes of The Larry Sanders Show every night, forgive me if my posts are a little one track.

I've been fascinated, though, by Larry's producer Artie [pictured] and his actor Rip Torn. It's his name.

I'm trying to establish the "Rip Torn Verb-Past Participle Child Naming Template". I figured there might be a McSweeney's 'Lists' post in it.

I guess we need verbs which have synonyms (to rip/to tear): the likes of "Cut Cut" won't do outside of an Asian culture.

Help me, mewers.


jake said...

"Shut Closed" - suggested by Helena

Ricky M said...

I do like the list idea. Let's see...

Bounce Deflated
Trek Covered
Mince Given
Shake Fallen
Tear Ripped
Slice Severed
Ungulate Oncely