Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arts - The Scream robbery game

Found in the Guardian; these guys are either good sports, or would sell their grandmothers for a Norwegian Krone... also this criminal paradise they're talking about sounds fab.

Scream robbery is fair game for Munch Museum

Gwladys Fouché in Oslo
Tuesday October 25, 2005
The Guardian

The Munch Museum in Oslo is selling a board game about the armed theft of the Scream, the expressionist masterpiece taken from the gallery more than a year ago.

Players of The Mystery of the Scream, a game aimed at the family market, must hunt down the robber before he reaches a criminal paradise. "It is pure fiction, so it is fun," the museum's head of marketing, Jorunn Christoffersen, told Norwegian radio NRK. But local art gallery owner Harald Enerud said: "I don't think one should make fun of something this serious."

The whereabouts of the painting is still unknown.

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Savs said...

Well I went to this so-called "Munch Museum" in Oslo last summer, and found it closed in the early afternoon. I could not contain my anger - I will seek out my companion Atticus who has photographic proof.