Thursday, February 02, 2006

Entertainment - The Book of Daniel

While the gang was in Munich, we came across a true media gem that was brought to our attention by a Conan O'Brien skit. I'll say no more and let the show website's own description and promo shots tell the story:

A provocative, edgy and compelling new drama, "The Book of Daniel" stars Emmy nominee Aidan Quinn as the Rev. Daniel Webster,

an unconventional Episcopalian priest who not only believes in Jesus – he actually sees him and discusses life with him.

Webster is challenged on many levels as he struggles to be a good husband, father and minister, while navigating an often rocky relationship with the church hierarchy, led by Bishop Beatrice Congreve and Roger Paxton, a senior warden of the parish and stalwart churchgoer.

Webster also has loving, but challenging relationships with his three children: Peter, his 23-year-old gay son, struggling with the loss of his twin brother;

his 16-year-old daughter Grace, a talented Manga artist dealing with typical teenage angst;

and Adam, his 16-year-old adopted Chinese son, a handsome and cocky high school jock with a wicked sense of humor.
Keeping Webster grounded is his strong, loving wife Judith
– who is also coming to terms with the loss of her son and her own future and ambitions now that her children are nearly grown – and Jesus, his best friend and confidante who serves as a sounding board and encourages Webster to find the answers to his questions within himself.

On top of all this, the family's household includes an African-American doobie smoking grandma, although I'm yet to ascertain her role in the proceedings...

NBC's Book of Daniel website features full episodes each week for your streaming pleasure, and the Conan sketch that exposed all this can be found here.


Savs said...

Top reporting, Peg! I feel a Mewnich '06 subsite is in order, if Gareth doesn't feel too slighted (you can come to BurMewDa '07).

Ricky M said...

Yeah, or Mew York.

Nice Post Jakey

jake said...

Thanks boys.

I was especially pleased when I found the picture of Jesus perched on the squad car.

Gareth said...

Good spot - I just watched eps 105 and 106 online, and I was moved.

I just heard that I'll be in New York from May 1st. I'll cast a vote for MY07.

Gareth said...

Daily show says it's been cancelled.


jake said...

Yeah, i saw that too.

(I pleased after seeing that report because I felt that we handled the material in a funnier way than they did :) )