Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cross - More voiceovers

Here I was, playing GTA: San Andreas, and I hear a familiar insolent, nasal tone. I IMDB the prime suspect, and it is indeed the man. Here's an interview about it. It's a shame that the material that he's doing is so dean (the game's badly written).


Savs said...

What role does he play, Jake? Is it a big part?

Also, I thoroughly approve how "Cross" has become a category of its own. Can we somehow have links to all the Comedy/Wrestling/etc links together?

jake said...

I've not finished the bit that he's in yet; I think that you do a few missions for him at some point, but he ain't a major major character.

Regarding the grouping of posts, it's something I've been thinking about as well, and there is lots of software that does it (content management software) but I'm not sure whether the Blogger software stretches that far. What would solve everything is if I stopped being cheap and forked out for my own server space and domain name. Then we'd be able to do anything we want, presentation wise - all our banner-hosting problems solved. In fact I might research that very shortly.