Sunday, February 25, 2007

Games - Sam & Max are bax

Those of us who have disposable time (or those who don't, but are poorly disciplined and wish to procrastinate) will benefit from the resurrection of the Sam & Max franchise by Lucasarts. In full 3D, no less.

Still as sassy as ever, and now in bite size episodes. "The first gaming sitcom" say the press, and who am I to argue?

I shan't put a link, but I trust that discerning Mew-tards will know where to download a copy. Ep. 1 is called 'Culture Shock'.

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jake said...

I probably ought to have mentioned that I've bought the season ticket (all 6 mini-episodes) and have played the first 2 through - and while they're not as good as I remember the original game to be, they're still enjoyable chunks of gametertainment (and perfectly sized for a working and/or dating individual).