Thursday, January 19, 2006


Sexiness, nano-enhancements, whatever next for the girl?

(couldn't choose just one of these snaps, so here they all are - Ed)


Ricky M said...

Say what you will about fluid-metal cyborg women, I like the T-X terminatrix. She's direct and to the point. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She's tough and has the skills to keep up in todays modern hectic lifestyle. A go-getter. A role model. Probably an excellent mother as well. Real protective maternal instincts.
I found a lot of the scenes with the T-X in confusingly arousing, particularly the one where her legs and head and breasts can move from one side of her body to another and I should stop having sex with the toaster.

Ricky M said...

Votes for best robo-enhanced lady?

Britney Shears - pop singer / garden tool.

Dartha Stewart - homemaker with robo face and light-sabre-whisk.

"Cat Wheeley" - Cat with her lower half just a unicycle.

jake said...

"Cat Wheeley" - Cat with her lower half just a unicycle.

Why exactly are you replacing the most important part of Cat with a unicycle?