Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"60% of what you say is crap"

In a massive indicator of Middle America's growing impatience with the war in Iraq, Letterman pulled off an almost Stewart-esque takedown of Bill O'Reilly last night.

Bill O'Reilly also manages to make himself look like an idiot, calling British intelligence "M one six" among other things.


Savs said...

What's the analysis of Dave's crowd? His tiresome bits in the audience reveal them to be largely middle aged tourist types, but they were sure behind him. Grassroots left wing support, or just toadying Letterman marks*?

*definition: "Mark":
cf. "Marking out":

jake said...

I think it's a little from column A, a little from column B. Anything that has NY or humour involved will attract a healthy left-leaning audience percentage, but also by coming into the 'man's house, you're gonna be quite respectful towards him, and will likely side with him, in a head-to-head like this (well, I certainly felt a bit more respect for J.Ross than normal when we were there for the recording of his show). Mind, in a similar situation, Jon's crowd would act much worse (booing etc), but it's younger and more fratty.

Gareth said...

I don't know about the audience who were there in the studio, but am I right in thinking that Letterman has basically is Middle of the Road America?

I have to admit never having seen a whole show though.

There's some interesting (though heavily trolled) discussion over at Metafilter.