Friday, November 18, 2005

Zeitguest: David Cross

As you should know, David Cross did an admirable job of summing up what we all know about Arrested Development's treatment at the hands of Fox. How's he doing in general?
  • Did the funny lines for the soldiers in Halo 2, according to Charlie Brooker in Edge Magazine. The brilliant article in which this nugget was contained featured 7 pages of Simon Pegg, Graham Lineham, our favourite Sith Lord Peter Serafinowicz and CB talking about writing for games. It's sadly not online. [Ah, that's where you're wrong, my friend. Since I'm both cheap and abroad, I hunted around for the article and tracked it down to here - Ed]
  • Wrote a funny article dissing Pitchfork, on Pitchfork.
  • Makes a sub-par appearance in the new Strokes video.
  • Is furry.
I'd say he comes out around +3.

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jake said...

Firstly, Gareth, great research and great post (although I'd appreciate a bit more warning before I'm exposed to a hairy man's buttock - granted, I probably should have been put on guard by the link text).

Since we're now three, I'll try to use the comment system a bit more; thopefully we can get good repartees going here.

Regarding the Streaks, I wonder whether he had creative input into it or they just got him to do it? It's a pretty dean video, I agree.

It was really heartening reading the Edge article; I especially liked how Linehan is still idealistic/optimistic about the medium, and steers clear of the Tarantino pulp-is-good line of thought. Gaming has been one of my guilty pleasures and I find it personally reassuring that my idols (Linehan, Pegg) reject the "games are only toys" mentality.

On the entertainment vs. art issue, there have been a few games that I would count as having substance (e.g. Grim Fandango, or more recently, Half Life 2) but they're so far and few between, that recently I have been starting to doubt whether a critical mass, needed to make it worth persevering with the scene, would emerge at all. Hopefully some decent writers will enter the industry soon.